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About is evolving the traditional recruitment model using matching technology, smart contracts on the blockchain, enhanced feedback and financial incentives. The combination of’s protocol and our token economy will fulfill our mission to realign the industry away from costly middlemen toward a decentralized reward-based community.

Basic Information
Token Name
Token Symbol JOBTK
Social Media Ico Review : Welcome to requirment Ico Review : Welcome to requirment Ico Review : Welcome to requirment revalution
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD
Platform Entherum
Token for sale 384,615,385 JOBTK (38%)
Token Price 0.065 USD
Country Singapore
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage
Regulatory status uncertain in Singapore
The regulation of digital tokens and/or cryptocurrencies such as Job Tokens is still in a
very nascent stage of development in Singapore. There exists a high degree of uncertainty as to how tokens and token-related activities are to be treated.

No regulatory supervision
Neither nor its affiliates are currently regulated or subject to the supervision of any regulatory body in Singapore. In particular, and its affiliates are not registered with MAS in Singapore as any type of regulated financial institution or financial advisor.

Uncertainties in tax characterization and tax treatment
The tax characterization of Job Tokens is unclear. Accordingly, the tax treatment to which they will be subject is uncertain. All persons who wish to purchase Job Tokens should seek independent tax advice prior to deciding whether to purchase any Job Tokens.

Key factors for our success
The ambition is to revolutionize the Recruitment world, and with your support, will have the power to carry out this revolution.

Matching Technology
uniquely positioned to use a large data set including successful client placement to
train new technologies, such as AI.

Smart Contracts
During the candidate’s journey through the hiring process, progress is held in a smart
contract which is used for every hire on

Arran Stewart CO-FOUNDER
Matthew Roszak ADVISOR
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